What is YGPS- Why does it have every permission?

What is YGPS- Why does it have every permission?

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YGPS is an Android app that monitors phone, SMS, SIM, etc., via GPS monitoring. It is basically a GPS app that also lets you view what GPS satellites your phone is connected to, at any given time. It has a long list of permissions granted to it and it constantly makes GPS calls in the background.

Is it a system app?

Yes, YGPS is a system app that runs on your device’s phone or sms process. However, it could also run in the GPS or the SIM process on your device. Most often, YGPS has been found embedded as a system app into Fairphones as well as certain models of LG smartphones.

Is it safe?

Yes, YGPS is safe to keep on your device. Besides, it is a system app, therefore you most likely do not need to worry about how safe the application is. Although the long list of permissions it has access to makes the app look seemingly suspicious, there is nothing you should be stressed about.

Can you disable YGPS?

Yes, you can disable YGPS. But, that is not the main concern. What you would really want to know is if you could disable YGPS safely without causing any hindrance to the functionalities of your phone. The answer is yes, you can safely disable YGPS on your device and it would not cause any problems.

This is because all YGPS does is monitor other applications and processes and use the GPS. Thus, disabling it is safe.


Why does YGPS have every permission?

Although there is no sure-shot answer to the question, here are two inferences:

  • Since YGPS is a system app, it has beau coup permissions. These permissions include access to Phone, SIM, SMS, GPS, etc. As a system app, it is possible these permissions are important for the proper functioning of the app.
  • YGPS has all the permissions in the book since the developers wanted to make sure the app did not run into any issues later due to inaccessibility of permissions. Thus, as a result, YGPS was given every permission in the book, probably owing to poor development.

Why and how does YGPS drain your phone’s battery?

YGPS constantly keeps making GPS calls in the background on your device. This significantly impacts the battery life of your phone. If YGPS is enabled on your phone, you will notice that the battery is drained much faster than normal. Another reason for the battery depletion is that it constantly monitors phone, SMS, etc., given that it has permission to almost everything in the Permissions book.

So, how does YGPS drain your phone’s battery so fast? To answer that question, let us understand how GPS in general depletes a smartphone’s battery health.

To begin, your GPS receiver — a small chip and antennae inside your smartphone — is constantly listening to cell towers, giving it a rough estimate of where you are at any given time. The GPS receiver guesses your location if you don’t have cellular data or Wi-Fi. Consider it similar to turning on your map while in aeroplane mode. Your phone might be able to tell you what state or city you’re in, but not your exact neighbourhood.

When you enable location services, your phone begins to search for satellites — yes, the ones orbiting in what’s known as a GPS constellation. While your phone’s GPS chip is unable to send out signals, it is constantly receiving signals in order to triangulate your precise location.

Your phone will not go into sleep mode if GPS is enabled. The GPS chip is always looking for satellites, and if you go underground or into a signal-blocking environment, such as a Costco or a metal roof, the phone will go into random search mode.

If you’re in a poor signal area and have location services turned on, your smartphone battery will drain much faster than if you’re in a strong signal area. Similarly, if you’re travelling quickly in a bullet train or a car, your signal weakens and your battery drains faster, partly due to the metal roof and partly due to the number of nearby satellites your GPS receiver searches through.


How to Save Your Device’s Battery With YGPS Still on Your phone?

Although degradations occur over time, there are efficient ways to optimize some of the phone’s settings and save battery. If you want to keep YGPS enabled on your phone but reduce the battery depletion that occurs, here is are a few things you could try:

Utilize a Static Background and a Dark Theme instead

AMOLED and OLED displays allow users to extend the battery life of their devices. Because dark mode and dark wallpaper are created by turning pixels off, they have a significant impact.

You’ll save battery life, too, because every pixel is essentially a light source.

When it comes to LCD screens, on the other hand, their design is unique: each pixel isn’t illuminated individually. Because a backlight illuminates their pixels, dark mode and wallpaper will not increase battery life.

Keep in mind that wallpapers with special effects use more battery power on any device. Static chargers are best if you want to ensure that your battery is depleted at a normal pace.

Keep Your Apps up to Date

There are numerous benefits to regularly updating software. In addition to enhancing safety, this feature will allow you to get more use out of your battery. Every time a new version of a product is released, it is improved and security flaws are fixed.

The app’s performance and battery life will be improved as part of this upgrade.

Run GPS-Based Apps in the Background

Since GPS-based location tracking apps can drain a phone’s battery, many people are wary of them. Choosing GPS and geofencing software that can run in the background while still providing accurate tracking data is an important consideration.

This way the GPS-dependent app does not drain the battery while it is doing its job. Thus, YGPS will be prevented from using a lot of your device’s battery.

Preserve the Optimal Life Span

There are ways to extend the life of the battery. To begin with, you should avoid running your batteries down to zero or letting them run completely flat too frequently. Keep it between 40% and 80% charged most of the time by encouraging them to recharge frequently throughout the day.

In order to extend the battery’s life, all you have to do is perform this simple procedure.

To save battery life, use Battery Saving Mode.

The easiest way to save battery is to activate power-saving mode on your smartphone to extend the life of your batteries. You can accomplish this by going to the Settings and then turning on Battery Saving mode in ‘Battery and Optimization’. Alternatively, you can also turn on Battery Saving mode by toggling the notifications panel and tapping on the icon that represents Battery Saving Mode.

Note: Apps running in the background may not receive notifications or be updated unless you are actively using them if Battery Saving mode is turned on.

Make Sure Your Charging Cord Is in Good Condition

The cords that you use to charge your device can also be the culprit of rapid battery depletion. It should be replaced if it is crimped or otherwise damaged. Apart from this, low-amp charging can also be problematic.

Check the battery compatibility with the charger and get a charger that charges faster and is more compatible with the device’s battery. Charging with a low-amp charger not only slows down the charging process, but also depletes the battery quicker after plugging out of the charger.

Reduce Screen Brightness

Battery drain is a problem with modern screens because they are more powerful, larger, and more efficient. Battery life can be significantly improved by lowering the brightness of the display. It’s also less taxing on the eyes.

In many cases, the device’s default brightness setting is too bright for your eyes. Adjust the brightness level and find the brightness level that is best for your eyes and battery life.

You can further reduce screen drain by enabling auto-lock, which turns off the display after one minute (or a certain duration) of inactivity.

Put Your Phone in Airplane Mode

Lastly, make sure that you are aware that flight mode can help extend the battery life of their phones when they can’t recharge. The device will be unplugged from all networks, Bluetooth will be disabled, and all radio signals will be cut off.

Phone calls and texts will be put on hold in order to save battery life. Despite the fact that turning on flight mode can be useful when charging a phone isn’t an option, it’s important to keep in mind that GPS tracking accuracy of YGPS may be affected.

Replace a Worn Out Battery

Using a battery for a long period of time and repeatedly recharging it will shorten its lifespan, as we all know. As a result, in some cases, it may be necessary to replace it.

Replace your old battery with a new one at an authorized phone service center to enhance the life of your smartphone.


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