Facebook Sounds Too Loud (Notifications and Other Sounds)

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Do you need help turning off the sounds on Facebook on your Android or iOS device? For some inexplicable reason, the Facebook app is designed to make obnoxious noises that alert you (and everyone else in the vicinity) whenever you post something or like something else on the platform.

You can, however, mute Facebook sounds in a matter of seconds if you find them to be too loud or if you are sick of hearing them all the time.

This option is available to everyone. You can silence Facebook on your Android smartphone or tablet, as well as on your iPhone, and browser by following these steps:

How to Turn off Notification Sounds on Facebook?

You can turn off notification sounds and other sounds on Facebook following the step-by-step guide below that enlists three different notifications.

Solution 1: Turn Down The Ringer Volume (for Phone)

If your ringer volume or your notification volume is on full or high, it is obvious that Facebook notification sounds will come off as loud (especially if you usually keep your notification sound low).

To turn down your notification volume, you can use the physical slider button on your phone. Alternatively, you can go to Settings. From here navigate to Sound and Volume or an equivalent of the same.

Next, you can slide down the notification sound from the volume bar present on the screen.

For iOS devices, you can go to Settings then Sound and Haptics, and lower the notification sound from here.

Solution 2: Manage Notifications On Facebook (for Browser)

  • Tap on the ‘More’ button or the downward pointing arrow from the top of the Home Screen of the Facebook browser.

  • Now, go to “Settings and Privacy” from amongst the options available.

  • Under “Settings and Privacy”, you will find multiple options such as Privacy Checkup, Privacy Centre, Activity Log, Settings, etc. From here, go to “Settings”.

  • From under “Settings”, tap on “Other Notifications”.

  • Under Other Notifications, you will find several options and you can choose which notifications you’d like to keep and which you would want to turn off. Using the toggle options, you can choose which notifications you would like to turn off.

Note: If you find a specific notification too loud, be it Push, Email, or SMS, you can choose to turn that notification off only using the toggle button; we recommend the same.

Solution 3: Turn Off Messenger Sounds and Notifications

The companion messaging app for Facebook, known as Facebook Messenger, makes it simpler than ever to have conversations with people located in any part of the world.

You may hear a brief sound in addition to the notification that you have received a new message in Messenger. This sound plays in tandem with the notification that you have received a new message.

If you receive a lot of messages, it might not bother you at first, but after a while it might become an annoyance for you. Especially if you spend a significant portion of your time in public places where other people’s noise is also a source of annoyance for them.

You are fortunate in that there are several options available to you for silencing notifications sent to you via Facebook Messenger. For instance, you are able to mute specific conversations, completely ignore them, and even turn off sound for all of the notifications that come through Facebook Messenger.

In this section, we’ll show you how in the Facebook Messenger:

  • Open the Facebook Messenger app.
  • Select Notifications & sounds by tapping the picture of your profile that is located in the upper left corner of the screen.

  • Go to “Customize Notifications”.

From here, you can tap on “Silent” and you will receive the notifications quietly instead of sound or vibration.

What types of notifications does Facebook send?

Notifications are essentially status updates regarding the activity on Facebook. It is dependent on the platform that you are using as to what kinds of notifications are available:

Desktop and mobile

  • Red alert notifications: Notifications that are displayed on top of the other notifications. A red bubble will appear whenever you have a new notification, and within that bubble will be the number of new notifications that you have received.
  • Email notifications: Notifications you receive via email. Acquaint yourself with the ins and outs of email notification.
  • Push notifications: Notifications that appear on your device even when you are not actively using Facebook are known as “push notifications.”

Desktop only

  • Pop-up notifications: Notifications that appear on your screen in the form of pop-ups when you are logged in to Facebook and a friend interacts with you are known as pop-up notifications (e.g. posts on your timeline). You can view the story by clicking on the notification, or you can click the X to dismiss the notification.


  • Text notifications: Text notifications are alerts that are sent to a user’s mobile device via text messaging (SMS). Get more information about the text notification system.


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