What does Announcement 24 mean on Verizon Wireless?

What does Announcement 24 mean on Verizon Wireless?
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When there are Verizon Smart Family restrictions active on a line and preventing a phone call from being made, a message that reads “Announcement 24: This call cannot be completed because there are restrictions on this line” appears.

Please be aware that in the event that the Smart Family add-on is deactivated, it might take up to twenty-four hours for the adjustments to take effect.

With Verizon Smart Family, you can manage the smartphones your children use from an app on your own mobile device.

It functions essentially as a parental control device and includes features such as location tracking, management of screen time, content filters, monitoring of texts and calls, pausing of the internet, and more.


What Are Calling Restrictions?

To put it another way, they restrict who can call or receive calls from a specific phone number or group of phone numbers.

Incoming Calling Restrictions

A “restricted” dial tone on your Verizon phone means that the caller wants to remain anonymous and has requested that his phone number not appear on your caller ID display.

In some cases, the calling party’s phone or landline may be configured to hide their identity when making a phone call. Bill collectors frequently mask or block their phone numbers in order to prevent their calls from being rejected by debtors.

It’s best to leave a missed call on your answering machine or voicemail if you have any doubts about the person who called you in the first place. The caller will most likely reveal his identity and allow you to return the call if he leaves a message.

Outgoing Calling Restrictions

An outgoing call restriction is the most common type of Verizon calling restriction. Certain individuals or groups are barred from making calls to the number in question. There are many possible explanations for this, but some of the more common ones are as follows:

  • A company owns the phone number and only wants its customers to be able to use it.
  • The owner of the phone number does not want any unsolicited calls made to the number.
  • This is a government agency, and only specific numbers are permitted to call.

These are just a few examples of the many possible reasons why a person might restrict incoming calls to a specific phone number.


What Devices Can My Family Use On Verizon Smart Family?

Only smartphones can use Smart Family at this time. OS 5.0 (Lollipop) or newer is required for Android devices.

It is only compatible with iOS 10 or later on iPhones and iPads. iOS 10 is compatible with every iPhone that has been released since the iPhone 5.

How Do I Sign Up?

In order to enroll in Verizon Smart Family, you must download the Smart Family app to your mobile device first. After that, you’ll need to have your child’s phone download the Companion App.

Search for “Verizon Smart Family” in Google Play or the Apple App Store on the parent phone. Sign in using your Verizon user ID or the phone number and password associated with your account when you download the app. You can choose between Verizon Smart Family and Verizon Smart Family Premium once you’ve signed in.

It’s now time to search for “Smart Family Companion” on the child’s phone after you’ve done so on your parent phone. You’ll be able to connect your child’s phone to yours once you’ve downloaded the app.

Verizon Smart Family Premium

Smart Family ($4.99/month) and Smart Family Premium ($9.99/month) are your two options.

You can only track your location with Premium, which is the only difference. You can set up alerts for your child’s arrival at places like school, home, or soccer practice with this tracking system.

However, if you don’t mind not having your location tracked, Verizon Smart Family will do just fine without you.


Can My Kids Delete The Companion App On Their Devices?

They could theoretically do so, but they’d need a special code from your parent device to do so. A text message will be sent to your phone informing you if the Companion App has been deleted.

Even if the app is deleted, Smart Family’s location tracking will continue to work. However, the Companion App should always be installed for the most accurate location tracking and full utilization of the features.


How Do I Unsubscribe From Verizon Smart Family?

Open Verizon Smart Family and select “Unsubscribe” from the menu to end your subscription. Using the Settings menu, select Account Details, then Subscriptions, and finally cancel. Unsubscribing is as simple as following the on-screen directions from there.

What If I Change Phone Numbers?

If the parent phone number changes, you’ll need to re-register for Verizon Smart Family. Your child’s new phone number can be added by navigating to your family settings in the Companion App and entering their new phone number.



How To Add Family Members To Verizon Smart Family?

To begin, open the My Verizon app or log in to your account on Verizon’s website. There, you can choose whether you want to designate your family member as a child or parent. After that, it’s simple to include them in your Smart Family subscription.

Once you’ve opened the Smart Family app on a parent device, go to the menu and select Add Family Member. Enter your family’s information into Settings, then select the option to Add a Family Member.

Go to the menu in the Smart Family app on the parent device to add a second parent to your account. As part of the family settings, select the person you’d like as a parent from the drop-down menu and then tap Save.

Why do businesses put up call restrictions?

It is possible that a business may impose call restrictions for a variety of reasons. It’s possible they only want customers in a specific area code to be able to reach them. Telemarketers and other types of sales calls may be on their minds. Whatsoever the reason, encountering a restricted phone number can be aggravating.

How can you tell if a number is restricted?

Checking for call restrictions isn’t always easy. It’s the message you get when you try to call that’s the most obvious. “The number you have dialed is restricted” or “this number does not accept calls from your area code” are common responses to this message. The phone may also be an indicator if it continues to ring endlessly without going to voicemail.

What to do if you encounter a number with restricted calls

There are a few things you can do if you come across a restricted phone number. Try dialing the number from a different area code if that doesn’t work. It’s possible to try calling at different times of the day or even on different days of the week if that doesn’t work. Contacting the company via their website or social media channels and asking them to add your phone number to their approved caller’s list is another option.

How do I bypass Verizon calling restrictions?

Using the *82 prefixes before the number you’re trying to call will allow you to bypass Verizon’s call restrictions.

What does it mean when Verizon says calling restrictions announcement?

There is a restriction on the number, and thus your call will not go through. If you try to call a toll-free number from your phone and get this message, you’re not alone. To get around the limitations, just enter *82 before the number you want to call. Please visit their website or call (800) VERIZON for more information.

How can you tell if someone blocked your number?

If someone has blocked your phone number, there are a few ways to find out. There are two ways to tell if a person is unresponsive to your calls. If their phone only rings once and then goes straight to voicemail, that’s another way to know.

There are many ways to find out if someone has blocked your number, such as making a new phone call or reaching out via social media. You can also try texting them if all else fails. If they don’t answer your text message, they’ve probably blocked your phone number.

Do telemarketers call from restricted numbers?

Although it’s possible, this is not a given. Some telemarketers may attempt to avoid caller ID blocking services by dialing restricted numbers. Many telemarketers, however, use unlisted or toll-free phone numbers.

Add your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry if you want to stop receiving telemarketing phone calls. Visit their website or call them at (888) 38O-ACTS if you want to learn more.


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