AV specializes in investing in early-stage and middle-market companies that are innovators, possess unique competitive advantages, enjoy large market opportunities and are led by strong management teams. AV engages with companies ranging from startups to enterprises with valuations exceeding $100 million. While we invest in a variety of industries, we have expertise in clean and renewable energy, consumer products, healthcare, internet services and E-Commerce, software and information technology, manufacturing and entertainment.

Investment Process

AV adheres to strict policies and procedures that govern the administration of deal flow, due diligence and the investment decision process. AV’s associates/analysts first review an Executive Summary or Business Plan for each opportunity presented to the firm and then catalog each potential transaction for further review. The associates/analysts then work closely with a Director or Managing Director throughout the period that the proposal remains under active consideration. AV reviews an average of 100 deals per month, engaging in preliminary due diligence on approximately 20% of all proposals received while investing significant time and effort in approximately 10% of all proposals. Approximately 1% to 2% of all proposals that are reviewed by AV will result in an actual commitment of funded capital. For those projects that do not meet our criteria, we often refer these projects to other qualified and/or strategic funding sources.

AV professionals typically serve on the Board of Directors or Board of Advisors of each portfolio company where AV is a principal investor. AV staff also assists with operational needs, as well as business development and strategic relationships.